Love starts the Day

I give you kisses before 

 I leave the bed

Each morning, love starts the day.

To those who know it all

Knowledge is almost as infinite as love

They both can carry you to great heights

But only love can comfort you after you suffer the fall


Explicit kisses 
Heavenly bliss
On late nights when I’m sure I've forgotten your face
I awake in a cold sweat 
To the memory of your taste.


I have no interest in being "everybody's" taste.

Like dark roasted coffee, red wine, and caviar.

I'd rather be acquired.


Pregnant Silence

You tell me you love me when you wanted me to behave

Wanted me to shut up

Wanted me to be enslaved

Like a fool I fell for it every time

I love you

Instead of sorry I know I fucked up

Please don’t leave me as I kindly told you to shut the fuck up

Why is society’s rules so engrained in me

That I could accomplish 100 great things

Fail you once

And still find shame in me

I love men

I adore them I swear I do

But they can be so petty

So selfish

I’m not jaded

Just a cynic by experience

My silence is pregnant with fear of loneliness.

Well behaved women rarely make history

Well behaved women are seldom single

I want love, I want marriage, and the happiness of family

But I want conviction, fairness, and the apologies that will never come

I want greatness without it seeming that I am attempting to outshine your own

I want forgiveness that only women seem to know.

I want my thirst for humanity to not undercut my marital status